Mae by Enrique Martí


Who doesn´t remember the spectacular, glamorous and sensual lips of the thirty’s greatest movie star Mae West? They were the inspiration of the dreams of millions and millions of fans all around the world. Even genius as the famous painter Salvador Dalí dedicated some artworks to those desired immortal lips. Why should we be different?

As beauty lovers we decided to dedicate one of our design to those famous lips but giving them a contemporary look. For that we decided to use casted aluminum for creating a sensual but stylized lips from which interior the light seem to flow. Something evocative but really elegant, a kind of bright beautiful lips which give you a kiss of light.

Available in sole different options as table and floor lamps, MAE is our tribute to one of the most beautiful lips of the movie history, a new interpretation of a magnificent artwork.




Carbon Steel




Table: 300mm*170mm*475mm

Floor: 300mm*180mm*1600mm


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